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Shipyard Electrician




They will be installing, inspecting, repairing and replacing electrical components and wiring. They will also be responsible for the repair and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment on board the vessel. This equipment could be anything from pumps and motors to radios and navigation systems.



  • Installs conduit to bulkheads with brackets and screws, using hand tools, and threads wires through conduit to terminals, for example connection boxes, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, and switch panels.

  • Strips insulation from wire ends and solders ends to terminals, using stripping pliers and soldering iron. Connects power-supply circuits to radio, radar, sonar, fire control, and other electronic equipment.

  • Tests electrical characteristics, for example, voltage, resistance, and phase angle, in circuits, using voltmeters, ohmmeters, and phase rotation indicators.

  • May also construct instrument panels, using hand tools, rulers, dividers, and power drills, following specifications.

  • Troubleshoots electrical equipment and circuits using appropriate test equipment to detect and effect required maintenance, repairs, or replacement requirements.

  • Performs maintenance and repair of generators, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, electrical motors, distribution panels, alarm and lighting circuits.

  • Conducts insulation resistance measurements of electrical cables to determine condition and effects repairs or replacements as required.

  • Supervises and participates in the installation and/or alteration to electrical systems aboard ships.

  • Maintains adequate inventories of electrical spare parts and requisitions replacements as required.

  • Maintains electrical system maintenance histories notating date, and extent of repairs and/or alterations.

  • Willing to work ASAP in Timalan Naic Cavite

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