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What Does a Shipyard Welder Do?: Ship Welding Job Opportunities in the Philippines

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Ship Management

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The term welding is a process wherein metal pieces or parts are fused together through the use of various tools such as angle grinder, welding rod, welding machine, pliers, clamps, welding magnets, and many more. Shipyard welders, on the other hand, are expected to handle marine works for Container Ships, Bulk Carrier, Tanker Ships, Passenger Ships, Naval Ships, Offshore Ships, Fishing Vessels, and Specialty Vessels. They are tasked to perform welding duties varying from GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding), GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), or SMAW (Stick Welding). Moreover, they are also expected to have knowledge in using and maintaining related equipment and tools such as forklifts, hoists, slings, grinders (portable & bench), cutting torches, hand tools, drills, punches, a tape measure, and Air Arc.

There is so much to learn about welding and that’s why there are agencies that offer welding courses for those who are interested in learning. In particular, Technical Education And Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is a government agency that aims to provide a quality-assured and inclusive technical education, skills development, and certification system. They offer welding programs such as Gas Welding NC I and Gas Welding NC II available in 14 TESDA Accredited School and Training Centers.

Moving forward, as of 2017, the Shipbuilding Industry currently employs 48,000 workers in the Philippines, distributed to over approximately 17 large or medium-sized domestic shipyards, 90+ smaller yards, as well as service and afloat contractors. Vistamarine, being one of the esteemed shipyards in the country is actively recruiting Shipyard Welders, both in Naic and Navotas. 

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