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SMOOTH SAILS: Why Shipyard building is vital in the Philippines

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The shipping industry continuously cements itself as one of the most lucrative opportunities in the Philippines brought by the advantages it partakes in logistics and maritime. Acknowledging this immense value given to the economy of the country, strategies that prioritize the quality of shipping vessels must be an integral part of the shipping process. Including in the list of investments to commit to could be found in the shipyard building.

Shipyard, technically, is defined as the place where ships are built and repaired. A shipyard could be one of the busiest establishments related to manufacturing, as various ship vessels like yachts and cargo ships are built with careful precision and durability. The work in a shipyard is said to be very physically demanding, although, with today’s modern technology, human skills are topped up with the best machinery to produce ships that are only of high quality. Currently, there are an estimated number of 17 large and medium-sized shipyards in the Philippines, and over 90 small shipyards and contractors. This is expected to grow with the rising trends in shipping today.

Shipyard building thereby plays a major role in the overall success of the shipping industry in the country. With the help of these docks aimed at enhancing and improving the shipping experience and standard, we can envision smoother sails towards a more competitive Philippines in the logistics and maritime scene.

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