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Your Voyage-Then and Now, Share Your Journey: International Seafarers Day 2022

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“When I grow up, I want to be a seafarer.” These words are often heard from a child dreaming to brave the seas one day. When adults hear these, they laud and admire the child’s wishes, but nobody tells them that being a seafarer is no easy task. "

Seafarers journey through a lot. They carry the weight of bridging gaps between businesses and consumers, as they transport all kinds of goods across countries and continents, especially since 90% of the world’s goods are transported via sea. They have the responsibility of maintaining the quality of the vessels they maximize to ensure the safety of everyone and everything aboard right from the moment they leave one port up to reach another. All these, while being away from their loved ones to be able to commit to their work. To add up to this, just recently, a major crew change crisis in shipping has also emerged amidst the pandemic, where seafarers whose contracts have ended were stranded in their ships. Seafarers suffered most from mental stress and fatigue during this time due to the uncertainty they face as governments around the world switched between protocols that affect the opening and closing of borders, affecting whether or not they could already go home to their families.

With this, the International Maritime Organization, in line with the annual celebration of International Seafarers Day, officially appoints a timely theme for this year’s celebration as “Your Voyage-Then and Now, Share Your Journey.” The organization acknowledges the seafarer’s hard work and dedication during their travels, as well as the various changes they encounter aboard and the waves that influence these experiences. For IMO, each seafarer has their own piece of a story that is always worth sharing and worth listening to. In this campaign, seafarers are encouraged to post photographs, videos, and testimonials to express their realities during their voyages using the #SeafarerJourney on social media. Supporters who would like to pay tribute are also welcome to join.

Together, let us support this campaign as we bring awareness to the realities of our bold seafarers, today’s modern-day heroes.

Every June 25th of the year is officially declared by the International Maritime Organization as International Seafarers Day. Stay up to date with Vistamarine Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Inc. by following our official Facebook Page and reaching out to our official email at

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