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The History and Roots of Vistamarine Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Inc: How Did We Get Here?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

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Vistamarine's founder has been active in the shipping sector since he was young when his father introduced him to their family business, Ever Shipping Lines Inc.

In 2009, he looked at facilitating afloat repairs in his Makati yard in hopes of keeping his LPG and tanker vessels in excellent shape. In 2010, he expanded his business by renting a small drydocking yard in Navotas, where he was able to build a number of tanker tankers and drydock commercial ships.

The owner gained expertise in maritime transportation and logistics after years of managing and owning multiple vessels, leading to the formation of his own network of organizations.

However, due to the narrow riverbed at Navotas, he discovered that his yard was limited. Large ships have been unable to enter, resulting in the loss of the ability to service large ships. Saavedra was able to lease and later acquire a beachfront property in Naic, Cavite, where he founded his shipyard and firm, Vistamarine Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Inc., after a few years.

Vistamarine Shipyard, since then has been aiming to be the first choice when it comes to Shipbuilding and Shiprepair – having the opportunity to service over # of companies. Vistamarine offers a wide range of services from vessel architectural planning, design, construction, and repair.

Stay up to date with Vistamarine Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Inc. by following our official Facebook Page and reaching out to our official email at

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