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What are Naval Architects?: Job Opportunities in the Philippines

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The term architect is often associated with a professional who is qualified to design, plan, advise and aid the construction of houses and buildings. Naval Architects are professionals who manage, supervise, lead, and perform professional architectural, engineering, and scientific work relating to the form, strength, stability, performance, and operational characteristics of marine structures and waterborne vessels; and all types of naval crafts and ships operating on the sea surface.

There are only a handful of colleges and universities that offer a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and some of which are Asian Institute of Maritime Studies, , Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation – Baras, Namei Polytechnic Institute, University of Cebu, and University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Las Pinas.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, there are only approximately 400 Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in the Philippines. Given that there’s only a handful number of licensed professionals nationwide, the demand for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers may be high.

Here at Vistamarine Shipyard, we employ approximately N Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Interested in joining? Apply now and become part of our growing team of experts and professionals!

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